Bedtime Story: Kate and Quinn Berry

Bedtime Story: Kate and Quinn Berry

Katie and Quinn Berry have long been part of the Dodo Banana family (Quinn was in our very first photoshoot!). We are thrilled to feature this dynamic duo in our Bedtime Series on The Pajama Party.

Katie is the CCO of Domino, a contributor at Saveur, plus involved in so many other creative projects. On top of that, she is an entertaining expert, tabletop collector, chef extraordinaire—  when she isn’t caring for (taming!) her magical #NYgardeninthesky.

Thank you Katie & Quinn!

Do you have a unique bedtime ritual? 

Not really. We are not routine people and every night is different.

Tell us something fun about your room? 

I have a lot googly eyeballs all over my room.

Do you, or your children, have a favorite bedtime story? 

I like to read about Greek Mythology.

What's your favorite thing to dream about? 

My birthday, shopping and getting a lot of things for only $5. 

What is your dream dodo pajama?

If I could design one, it would have moons and Sanrio characters.

PJs or nightgowns?

Nightgowns because they’re like dresses.

Favorite dodo pjs?

I like the mushrooms, flowers and puppies. And the new Dodo sweatshirt!

You can follow Katie & Quinn here!

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