A French colloquialism used with children

Definition: sleepy time, beddy-bye

Pronunciation: [doh doh]

Who We Are

Dodo Banana is the brainchild of retailer/designer Fiona Montgomery and artist Alessandra Olanow. The friends met over 15 years ago and immediately connected over a mutual aesthetic admiration for Fiona’s beloved Nolita design shop Thomas Sires and Alex’s thoughtful, conversational illustrations.

Today, Dodo Banana is owned and run by Fiona, who lives in San Francisco with her husband, their son and daughter, Max and Elinor, and their faithful Norwich Terrier, Ivy.

Alex still makes her Dodo mark by creating some of the whimsical prints loved by parents and children alike.

Why Parents Love Us

Parents love us because Dodo Banana pajamas promote a good night’s sleep. They combine the highest standard of quality—G.O.T.S. certified 100% organic pima cotton that feels like clouds on your child’s skin, with an emphasis on ethical sourcing and manufacturing, all designed with original hand-illustrated artwork. And they come in a range of sizes from 6M to 10Y.

About Our Cotton:

  • Sourced and hand-picked from the premiere producer of organic pima cotton in Peru.
  • Longer fibers assure higher quality and durability, so the pajamas maintain their shape and elasticity even after being washed over and over again, perfect for handing down to little brothers and sisters.
  • Organic cotton has the advantage of being produced in soil without chemical fertilizers and other harsh pesticides, which sets it apart from conventional cotton.

Why kids love us

Children spend more than half of their early life in pajamas, and while they may not care about Fair Trade practices, they do care that our pajamas feel like clouds on their skin. They also love our playful, hand-illustrated artwork, all of which is original to Dodo Banana, the all-over flat-lock seams for comfort and durability (even if they don’t realize it), and the fact that none of our pajamas have itchy, scratchy sleep-impeding tags.