Artist Spotlight: Lena Corwin

Artist Spotlight: Lena Corwin

We are thrilled to be launching our new Artist Spotlight series on The Pajama Party blog. It gives us an opportunity to share more about the talented, interesting and funny women who make Dodo Banana’s prints so unique and special.

First up is Lena Corwin, someone we have long admired for her quietly beautiful and timeless aesthetic that is felt in everything she does— from creating delightful prints that balance sophistication and humor for Dodo Banana, to photographing people, places and spaces (including Dodo kids!) to designing the seminal Peace Towel.

Lena is a lifelong creative and Fiona can attest to this as they have known one another for 30 years! Thank you to Lena and her boys for giving us a peak into their lives.


Tell us about your journey to now. When did you begin making art?

Art has always been my favorite thing, from my earliest memories. Thinking back to middle school, I had 2 hours of art class on Fridays and that was my best day of the week. As an adult, I’ve identified as a Designer more than an Artist. I started working in textile design in New York in my early 20s, and I’ve been lucky to do many other things, but textile patterns have been my through-line passion.

Who or what are your biggest influences? Where do you find your inspiration?

Visiting museums, seeing architecture, being outside, and my kids.

When do you feel most creative?

When I’m home alone and my house is clean, and I have the headspace and actual space to do creative work.

Lena Rapid Fire Qs:

Early bird or Night Owl?

Early bird

Coffee or Tea?

Love both

Fact or Fiction? What are you reading?

In the past I’ve enjoyed non-fiction more, but right now I’m craving the escapism of novels. I just finished Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin and really enjoyed it.

Playlist or Podcast? What are you listening to?

Podcasts! Talk Easy, The Ezra Klein Show, The Moth Where to next? I’m at the very start of writing a new book. You heard it here first!

Recent splurge:

A new living room rug from Annie Selke.

Recent steal:

Pants at Goodwill in Palm Springs


Eli & Abe Rapid Fire Qs:

Favorite Snack?

Eli & Abe: jalapeño Kettle chips

Favorite Milkshake?

Eli: orange cream

Abe: chocolate

Favorite Color?

Eli & Abe: blue

Dream Pajama Print?

Eli: chickens!

Abe: my big head all over!



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