Bedtime Story: Ali and Wendy Koehler

Bedtime Story: Ali and Wendy Koehler


Ali Koehler & Wendy Koehler (4 yrs old)


Ali, Founder of Eugenia Kids Hair Clips

Wendy, Inspiration behind Eugenia Kids Hair Clips


Los Angeles, CA


We’re so excited to feature Eugenia Kids hair clips in the Dodo Banana shop, not just because we think the colorful and creative vintage-inspired clips are fun for kids (and grown-ups who are kids at heart) but also because we love Ali’s story.

In 2021, Ali’s father sent her a $200 Savings Bond her late grandmother had gifted her on her first Christmas. Ali knew her “Gram” would want her to invest them wisely, so the self-proclaimed “weird mom and cool aunt” combined her experience as a musician, nanny, student of graphic design, and L.A. clothing producer and created Eugenia Kids. (Eugenia was her Grams’ middle name.)

We figured if you love fun pajamas, you’ll love her fun hair clips. After all, while we’re big fans of bedhead, we know it has a time and place.

Thank you, Ali and Wendy, for sharing your bedtime story with us!

Sweet dreams, xx. 


What does bedtime look like in your home?

My daughter, Wendy, has always been a terrible sleeper and a night owl, so we stick to a pretty consistent routine of dinner-bath-TV-vitamins-toothbrush-bedtime story. She takes melatonin before bed (we call it her “Mellie”). She will straight up talk your ear off til midnight without it.

What's your favorite bedtime story?

I love reading I Took the Moon for a Walk. Wendy got a Yoto audio player for her birthday, and now we lie down and listen to stories together before bed. She’s really into their Daniel Tiger stories. At Christmastime, they had seasonal “white noise,” like the sound of Santa’s workshop and his sleigh flying through the air. It’s a really fun company.

Tell us something fun about Wendy's room?

Our daughter has a TV/VCR in her room, and we collect VHS tapes for it. It’s everyone’s favorite thing when they come over.

What's your favorite thing to dream about? 

I asked Wendy and she refuses to answer so I’m just gonna say, I dreamt about Pedro Pascal and Kendall Roy and those are MY favorite dreams.

What is your dream dodo pajama?

Ali: Mandalorian 
Wendy: Kitties 

PJs or nightgowns?

Ali: Nightgowns 
Wendy: PJs

Favorite dodo pjs?

Doggies!! And the Bows, which Wendy is anxiously awaiting growing into!

*Our Puppy Party pajamas are not in stock right now, unfortunately, but if you’re looking for some fun animals to add to your PJ collection, we do have some Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!).

You can follow Ali and Eugenia Kids on Instagram here.

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